Google Releases 3 New Videos For Google Wallet – Promote service for new users

Google has been continuing to improve and advocate for Google Wallet. This has all been done in an attempt to garner more market share as the competition begins to stiffen up. As Google and it’s rivals know, mainstream appeal and adoption is the only key to success in the mobile payment medium. In an attempt to showcase Google Wallet’s features for the general public (and perhaps retail partners not currently participating), they have just released 3 new videos. These are meant to help people better understand how the payment system all works. Perhaps this is a great opportunity for you to share the benefits of the service, with girlfriends, Moms, heck – maybe even Grandmothers!

Check out the videos below and the source link for the app to install Wallet – that is if your device supports it.

Google – YouTube Channel      Google Wallet – Google Play Store

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