Google releases Nexus 7 in France, Germany and Spain starting at €199

Following last week’s story around Google’s Nexus 7 arriving in Germany, news has arrived that the N7 will now be available in more countries worldwide. The ASUS designed Android tablet launched in France, Germany, and Spain this weekend. Pricing is theoretically the same as in the United States, but it makes for a higher cost with the Euro-premium. The 8GB model is priced at €199 and the 16GB model at €249.

Google updated its availability page with the change. The chart is formatted weird, for an unknown reason, but it does display the added regions:

There is still no word on European availability at retail outlets, but ordering now from Google Play should get you a tablet in 3–5 days. As for the rest f Europe, DroidDog will continue to monitor and keep you updated with any new information.

The Nexus 7 originally launched in June in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It saw a huge amount of pre-orders and initial sales,with demand so high it led to availability issues for weeks and weeks. Reviews have been stellar for the device with outlets claiming it currently is the best tablet available regardless of price point (despite being one of the most affordable). Anticipation continues to grow for the announcement of when Google will offer a 10-inch variation that showcases the same great features.

Google Play Store – Device Availability

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