Google Support Page Confirms Play Store Gift Cards Details: US-Only At Launch, $10, $15, $25, and $50 Denominations

Android users itching to get more details on the Google Play Store’s gift cards are in for a treat. According to Android Police, an investigation into the gift card program itself found a Google Support page pertaining to the new payment option. The support page showed up in search indices (that have since been pulled), which confirm the cards will be available only in the U.S. at launch and will come in $10, $15, $25, and $50 dominations. Additional investigating revealed that a Google Play balance will have a $2000 limit and cannot be used on subscriptions or devices as previously reported. So if you want a Nexus 7 – time to pony up the cash via a credit card.

Below is an image of what has been currently pieced together. Keep in mind that the page is currently-unavailable. This information is coming from excerpts of removed caches, so it is possible that this info could have changed between the time it was originally posted and the time the gift cards launch. Of course, since much of this info is tied into how gift cards will operate, it’s unlikely it will. DroidDog will continue to monitor this situation and keep you update on any additional information that comes out.

Android Police

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