Google Translate v2.5 adds image translation, instant results are you type

Available today, Google has updated it’s Google Translate app to version 2.5, adding some significant improvements from previous versions. The most notable feature includes the ability to translate text from images utilizing your phone’s rear facing camera. Using the image translation feature is quite easy. Simply tap on the camera icon, take the picture of the image, then highlight the specific text you would like to translate. Note, however, that you’ll need at least Android 2.3 Gingerbread to use image translation.

Other improvements in the new update include, instant as-you-type translation results (similar to the Google Translate’s web interface), the ability to specify preferred dialects for speech input, and improvements to the way Japanese characters are handled. Specifically, the app can now identify multiple Japanese characters at once.

The updated Google Translate app is available now on Google Play.


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