Google’s New Voice Search Coming To iOS (Not Quite “Google Now”)

Google has been working pretty hard to make good iOS apps lately. Of course, their revenue comes from searches, so it’s important for all Google’s users to have a good experience. With YouTube and Maps being developed, we now have a demo of Google’s voice search on iOS. It looks a lot like Google Now, and acts a bit like Now, but it really isn’t. It’s just a voice search with vocal responses. I mean, it’s still great to have. The vocal responses are pleasant, and the voice search is accurate. It’s just not as deeply integrated into the OS as Google Now (of course, that isn’t possible thanks to Apple). Still, it’s a great app.

The update should be hitting the App Store in the next few days, so check for updates and tell us if you see anything! We’re tolerant of everyone around here, no matter their choice of phone OS. Yes, even if it’s iOS.


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