Grooveshark And Their App Get Kicked From The Play Store Yet Again

As much as I love Grooveshark and their extensive library of free music, nobody can deny that their entire concept seems somewhat legally questionable. While the website continues to be up and running, their (once again) recently released Android app has yet again been pulled from the Google Play Store.

Grooveshark hasn’t given any official reason their blog yet but if it’s still having the same troubles with Google as last time then I think we can guess. Being a free music streaming site, it’s hard to determine whether or not Grooveshark is doing everything legally and that being so, Google probably doesn’t want to get in trouble for publishing their app. Sad news to be sure, but hopefully Grooveshark can get it back up again for all those users who want to use Grooveshark on their phone.

Android Police, Reddit

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