How-To: Get Your Nexus 7 Home Screen To Rotate [Video][Root Only]

Want your Nexus 7 home screen to rotate?  Have a case that’s only good for landscape mode with your Nexus 7?  Well here’s a pretty elegant and free solution:  Brought to us by XDA Junior Member ejohnson0547, we can simple add one line to your Nexus 7 build.prop file and the home screen will rotate.  I run you through the complete process in the video.  You do have to be rooted to perform this mod.  If you would like to root your Nexus 7, follow the link to our How-To Root Nexus 7 video below.  The line provided by ejohnson0547 to add to the build.prop is also below.  You need to copy this line exactly.  Follow the instructions outlined in the video and you should be good to go.  Enjoy your rotating home screen.  Let us know how you like your new home screen functionality and what you’re doing with it below.

Disclaimer:  DroidDog nor anyone else is responsible for any damage you may do to your device. Proceed at your own risk.

Line to be added to the build.prop file: launcher.force_enable_rotation=true

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