How-To: Use Your Phone’s Data Plan With Your Google Nexus 7, For Free

The Google Nexus 7 isn’t 3G capable, so you can only use the 7″ tablet at home or at Starbucks…  Right?  Wrong.  You can pay $20+ to use the carrier WiFi hotspot app that comes on your device.  Yeah, you could, but there are some free options you should know about, and for most of you they’re available right out of the Google Play Store.  When I say free, I don’t mean all of a sudden you’re not going to be paying for your data plan anymore.  What I mean by free is that you won’t have to be paying any additional fees beyond your regular data plan to use your device as the WiFi hotspot with your Nexus 7.  In the video, I demonstrate two methods for you on my Epic 4G Touch: One for non-rooted roms (stock roms) and one for rooted roms.  The apps for the stock and rooted roms are listed below.  If you’re going to be using FoxFi, be sure to read the description in the Google Play Store before you get too excited because there is some limited functionality with certain devices/manufacturers.  Additionally, as I describe in the video, WiFi Tether may need to be messed with to find a device profile that works for your device.  If you can’t figure it out, ask in the comments below, or search for forums.  My guess is someone has already figured it out.  As always, let us know how these methods work for you and how you feel about your newly discovered device freedom and functionality by commenting below…

UPDATE:  It has been confirmed that AT&T has also blocked FoxFi from the Google Play Store.  This was news to me this morning and may even be news to FoxFi.  If you still would like to try it, follow the link below for AT&T and Sprint users to sideload the app.  The only downside to sideloading is that you won’t be notified by Google about updates to the app…

Non-Rooted Roms
FoxFi @ Google Play Store

For AT&T and Sprint users –> FoxFi (Make sure you change you settings to allow installation from non-market apps)

Rooted Roms
WiFi Tether for Root Users @ Google Play Store


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