Poll: How Would You Change The Nexus Q?

When Google unveiled the Nexus Q at its I/O conference in June developers wondered what exactly it was capable of. Apparently, Google themselves have come to wonder the same thing considering they’ve chosen to give out free units to customers who pre-ordered.

As it sits, the Nexus Q is only able to stream your Google Play content from the cloud. This means users can’t access third-party apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus or get content from any other consolidated marketplace. With a built-in amplifier the Q brings more functionality to your boring set of bookshelf speakers, but without it’s own interface the user experience suffers.

We’re you one of the lucky ones who pre-ordered the Nexus Q only to find out that you would be receiving the spherical streamer free of charge? If so, what would you change to make it a more attractive option for the average consumer? If you’re still on the fence about getting one, what functionality would you like Google to add to win your hard-earned money? Let us know in the comments below.

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