HTC Desire HD Get’s Unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich With Sense 3.6, The Promised Update That Never Was

The developers at XDA Developers have delivered what HTC didn’t: An Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 ROM with the Sense 3.6 overlay. It’s basically what HTC promised but never delivered. I would like to clarify that HTC could deliver, but they didn’t for a good reason. The update required a partition resizing, meaning user data would be wiped. HTC deemed this unacceptable for an update for the general public, and I’m tempted to agree. To flash this custom ROM, you’ll have to wipe data just like HTC’s original plan. Of course, a wipe is perfectly acceptable for us irregular folks.

The ROM is based off of the update for the Incredible S, the same version of Android that the Desire HD was going to get. If you want it, hit the source link. And remember: flashing is a potentially dangerous process and we are not responsible for any damages caused. Just read and be cautious!

XDA-Developers | Engadget

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