HTC Endeavor C2 Could Be the One X+

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard of the HTC Endeavor. That’s because it became the One X shortly after rumors of the codename started to make their rounds. We all know, the original Endeavor didn’t disappoint, giving us a quality phone that still holds its own against the masses even after months of it being in the limelight. Well it appears now that this new “Endeavor C2″ could be the successor to the ever-popular One X.

Also rumored as the HTC One X+, this new phone will be packing a 1.7GHz processor (NVIDIA TEGRA 3+), improved battery, urBEATS headphones in-box and even some new color options. According to Stuff, the C2 is compatible with everything that works with the One X, alluding to the idea of the chassis being identical to the original One X.

Some notable software improvements include ClearVoice tech for enhanced call quality, HTC Watch 2 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

These specs stack up pretty much identically to the rumored One X+ coming to T-Mobile later this year, leading us to believe this is the X+ we keep hearing about.

Stuff via Android Central

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