HTC Fixes The Menu Button Ordeal On The AT&T One X

It’s been a large complaint on newer HTC devices without a menu button because any app that required a menu button would automatically spawn a 48 pixel high black bar at the bottom of the screen for just a menu button. It was unsightly and could sometimes interfere with the app that you were in if you accidentally clicked on it while you were doing something. HTC decided to listen to consumers and have now fixed the problem in today’s update to the AT&T HTC One X. You can now choose what functionality the recent apps button has. You can make it always show recent apps, quick tap to show recent apps and long press for the menu button, or quick tap for the menu button and long press for recent apps. Probably the easiest way would be to have it set as a menu button with long press for recent apps. But feel free to try it for yourself and then report back in the comments when you figure out your favorite way.

Android Central

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