HTC Rezound Latest Phone Added To HTC Unbricking Project

Hard bricks, while mostly done with rooted procedures, can happen during a simple OTA update. No matter how it happens, it truly sucks. It’s not easy to handle the loss of a $600 phone, and more importantly, your one true love (I don’t need a life, I have a phone). Well if it was an HTC, there is a chance it can be revived.

The HTC Unbricking Project was started just for this, when you experience a hard brick where no amount of flashing could ever get it working. However, they’ve found a way. And now the HTC Rezound has been added to the list of supported devices, so if you happen to have a hard bricked Rezound, now you have some hope of fixing it!

First you need to know that is isn’t at all easy, and there is no guarantee it’ll work. You’ll need a Linux install without Unity, so that’s a big limiting factor. The actual steps take a while and are complicated. However, considering this fixes what are considered hard bricks, it’s definitely better than buying a new phone.

Developer antp121 says this:

“We are proud to announce that the Rezound is now UNbrickable. Users with the QHSUSB_DLOAD issue can now fully recover their phones and get them fully functional. For any support, feel free to contact me on twitter, post in this thread or even PM me This method was tested by me when i n00bed out

Note: This will fix only devices which were bricked by turning S ON and bricks caused by a damaged hboot via interrupted OTA update/RUU flash on a S-ON device.”

If you have this issue, hurry up and apply the fix. A similar fix was released for the EVO 4G LTE, and it was patched by HTC. Can’t imagine why they’d patch a method to fix a hard brick (saving them a phone replacement), but that really sucks and hopefully HTC won’t do the same for the Rezound. If you need these instructions, hit the source link, and good luck.


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