Huawei Shows Off Emotion UI Android Overlay

I love MIUI!

Jokes aside, Huawei considers the app drawer confusing to new Android users. Maybe their thought is “If they’re coming from iOS, we’ll make them feel at home!” but I don’t quite know. The app drawer keeps things organized and clean, and provides one place where you can access all your apps in easy alphabetical order when your homescreens are organized with your favorites. Seems so logical to me.

Other things you can see from the video is a theme engine, a MIUI-like widget adding screen, customizations, and fairly nice features. It focuses on Huawei’s philosophy, “Design with Empathy.” I think, for the most part, they nailed it. It doesn’t seem too heavy outside of the launcher, and looks fairly good. We’d like to know what you think though. Does it seem like a good UI for the average consumer? Would you use it?

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