IFA 2012 Spot – Galaxy Note 2 priced at €640 for Vodafone

Details surrounding the exact details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 haven’t been fully revealed yet in regards to price and availability. However, a placard spotted on the floor at IFA for Vodafone’s edition of the handset giving us a better idea of how the phablet will be priced. The phone is listed at €639.90 off contract (€79.90 with service plan) or about $803. That’s quite the hefty price tag, even for an unsubsidized LTE device. The current model is currently at $549 commitment free from AT&T so hopefully this isn’t an indication of a price hike. Considering Samsung’s recent court issues, could they be increasing the prices in an effort to counteract the lawsuit or simply a currency exchange difference. There has been a tendency for a bit of mark up when translating dollars to euros.


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