International HTC One X Update: Android 4.0.4, Camera Enhancements, Multitasking Button Settings

HTC has finally fixed something I have considered to be the failing point of their One series of phones, though the fix has only rolled out to two phones. After the AT&T One X got an update, the international model is getting the same one. Along with a new but minor version of Android and some camera improvements, the multitasking button is getting a new setting.

Hate the lack of a menu button? I do. Now you can set the multitasking button to act as a menu button instead. This means there will no longer be that giant black bar at the bottom in any app that hasn’t been updated to ICS standards (most of them). This was a huge software flaw, and I’m really glad HTC listened to its customers and fixed it. It really is respectable.

The update also comes with stability improvements and bug fixes, as can expected. It rolls out today, so go ahead and check for updates in settings and tell us how it goes. Do you think the lack of a menu button was a serious issue in the first place? Tell us in the comments!


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