Jelly Bean’s Face Unlock “Liveness Check” Easily Fooled With Basic Photo Editing

Google took security to the next level in Jelly Bean by integrating a new feature into Face Unlock called “Liveness Check” that requires users to blink, or so they thought. A team of YouTube users have managed to bypass the mandatory check with just a Facebook picture and a few minutes of photo editing.

Simply find a relatively decent image of your mark, import it into a photo editor and then use the paint tools to cover their eyes with the corresponding skin tone. Then just point the Jelly Bean device’s camera at your computer monitor and cycle between the two images as if you were blinking — it’s that easy. You will then gain unrestricted access to the target’s phone.

If you plan on keeping any sensitive data on your smartphone we’d suggest utilizing Google’s pattern or numerical unlock sequences. Don’t rely on Google’s Liveness Check to keep your information secure. As it sits, Face Unlock is more of a gimmick than it is an actual security measure.


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