Judge Lucy Koh Bans Key Samsung Designer from testifying In Apple Vs. Samsung Case

As The Apple vs. Samsung trial rages on; details continue to emerge that show things are not going in Samsung’s favor. Most recently, residing Judge Lucy Koh has signed a document barring Samsung designer Hyong Shin Park from testifying in the courtroom. Park has been quoted as saying Samsung’s phones were inspired by a “bowl of water” as opposed to Apple’s iPhone design. Samsung has added that Park’s design patent dates back to December 2006, which was well-before Apple had launched it’s original iPhone.

Apple,on the other hand, has countered by arguing that Park’s project, the F700, isn’t in the list of accused phones (such as the Galaxy S) and because of this Park’s testimony isn’t relevant to the case. In addition, the Cupertino company has also argued that since Park has had zero involvement in the design of the products being discussed for patent infringement, her presence in the case is unnecessary. According to CNET, Samsung had intended to use Park’s testimony to “…detail evolution of the F700 project, including how the company went about choosing which features to include. That’s a key point in this trial, with Apple accusing Samsung of copying the look and feel of the iPhone. Samsung has argued that the choice of shapes such as the rounded corners or rectangular shape of the device have nothing to do with design and everything to do with functionality”.

Despite the major setback this proposes for Samsung, the Korean giant will continue to plead their case later today.



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