Kindle Fire Now Sold Out – Amazon Claims 22% of US tablet marketshare

With Amazon’s September 6th event quickly approaching, with what is believed to be an unveiling of a new Kindle Fire, Amazon has made that even more likely with the announcement that the Kindle Fire is now sold out. This comes after several weeks of diminishing Kindle stock on Amazon’s site, with the Kindle Touch completely unavailable as of a few days ago.

Amazon took this moment to tout the Kindle Fire’s success — while the company still hasn’t officially given any sales figures, Amazon claims the Kindle Fire has taken 22 percent of the US tablet market. That’s impressive, but it’s worth nothing that the Fire has basically no global presence. It has certainly been a successful product, but there’s still a long way for it to go before it can challenge the likes of the iPad. Amazon also noted that, as with almost every flagship Kindle release, the Fire has been the best-selling product across all of The company also said that ten of the top ten best-selling products on Amazon since the Kindle Fire’s launch have been Kindle products or Kindle-compatible content. We’re looking forward to seeing how the next year goes — with the dual threat of the Nexus 7 and the long-rumored iPad mini, the next Kindle Fire might face some tough competition in the 7-inch tablet space.


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