Leaked Jelly Bean ROM For Galaxy S III Now Available To Download


Well, would you look at this, just one day after a leaked Samsung Galaxy S III ROM makes its way onto a device in Mexico, the ROM leaks for us all to enjoy. The boys from SamMobile are back at it again with a pre-release version, so let us emphasize and offer plenty of warning — this is definitely not an official version of Jelly Bean. Also, any installation of this ROM will void your warranty, but we think you already knew that.

The build version is dated July 31st and the firmware is labeled as I9300XXDLG4 and is based on Android 4.1.1.

SamMobile reports a bit of trouble with installing apps from the SD card, but the ROM is available for download from XDA-Developers below. Full installation instructions are available, but do make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before attempting to install this on your daily device.

Happy Jelly Bean time.

SamMobile via XDA Developers

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