LG Intuition Press Shot Leaks, Shows September 15th Release Date?

Just two days after we saw our first sign as to the LG Optimus Vu arriving on the Big Red network as the LG Intuition, some brand new press shots made their way into our inbox. While we’ve already had a pretty good idea about what the device will look like dressed up in Verizon branding, it’s the “date” on press shots that always peaks our curiosity. Unknown delays aside, press shots are notorious for hiding release and/or announcement dates in plain sight. In this case, the LG Intuition shot indicates September 15th as a possible launch date. Of course, we’re obliged to give you the standard “take with a grain of salt” line.

Even with the press shots now out in the wild, we’re still waiting for Verizon to come out and officially announce the LG Intuition/Optimus Vu and give us a solid release date. We wouldn’t object if they announced pricing as well.

So, with some new shots in the wild, how you are feeling about picking up a 5″ device?


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