LG Optimus 2X Gets ICS In South Korea, But Will It Ever Make It Out?

What a life the Optimus 2X has lived. There has been so much conflicting information straight from LG regarding the Ice Cream Sandwich update. We know its capable of running ICS, because other Tegra 2 devices have received it, but LG is always in constant confusion. Well today we have news: the Optimus 2X has received the update in South Korea. Just one country. It’s better than nothing, right?

No one knows if the update will ever make out out of South Korea. For example, LG Canada insists it will not distribute the ICS update for the Optimus 2X. There’s something obviously wrong when different LG divisions are constantly arguing with each other. Fortunately, this one update did spark a bit more development on the rooted side of things. What do you guys think? Will the Optimus 2X ever get the ICS update anywhere else? Or is the O2X already dead?


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