LG Optimus 2X to receive Ice Cream Sandwich according to LG HQ

Last November, LG had confirmed that Android 4.0 would be arriving for a series of phones including of course the LG Optimus 2X. Then as recently as this past July, LG seemed to back track on their original statement, posting on their Canadian branch’s Twitter account that the handset would not in fact receive the update for Ice Cream Sandwich. Now news out of the company’s main Korean branch are indicating the opposite, stating that the Optimus 2X’s ICS update is a reality and currently in the testing phase.

The possibility does exist that some regions could see the update while others will not, hence why there has been conflicting reports coming from the various LG contingents. What’s hard to image is why LG would put the resources and time to create an update only to have such a small group of the phone’s owners get to experience it. Details surrounding the release of the update, regions involved, and additional details have yet to be released at this time.


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