Mac Version Of Nexus 7 Toolkit Released

If you look at the Android modding scene, one thing can be said: rooting processes are usually Windows-based. I’ve seen Mac users be left out because there is no root method for them, needing to either Bootcamp or get a Windows PC. Well Nexus 7 owners won’t have to feel that pain anymore, as a toolkit has been released for Mac.

This new script comes in pieces you can download, or you can collect the whole set. These scripts, somehow made working on OSX, do anything from rooting a Nexus 7 to restoring it to stock. here is a list of features:

  • Root Nexus 7
  • Restore / Unroot Nexus 7 to Stock 4.1
  • Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Nexus 7
  • Unlock Bootloader on Nexus 7
  • Lock Bootloader on Nexus 7

If you want this toolkit (and who doesn’t?), hit the source link and start downloading. And of course, the standard disclaimer applies here: rooting can be dangerous so proceed at your own risk.

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