More Nexus 7 Accessories Leak Out Including Keyboard Case And Folio Case

The Nexus 7 is one of the hottest Android tablets to date and as such, it should have a whole plethora of accessories to adorn it. Good news is, it looks like that will be coming soon as UK retailer, MobileFun has said that five new official accessories are soon to become available for the Nexus 7. These ASUS and Google made products consist of:

Nexus 7 Stand Case- A normal case that turns into a stand for the tablet in landscape. Should be good for watching movies.

Nexus 7 Rotating Stand Case- Same as the above case except that this one can rotate into either portrait or landscape.

Nexus 7 Folio Case- Leather case that contains a magnet to turn the device’s screen on and off when opened or closed.

Nexus 7 Keyboard Case- Very Similar to the normal stand case except that it contains a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard on the inside.

Nexus 7 Screen Protector- What else is there to say about this one?

Looks like that leaked POGO dock and other case are soon going to have some company. Tell us which ones you like best in the comments below!

Android Central, MobileFun

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