Motorola And Verizon Announce An Upcoming Event On September 5

So we already know that Microsoft and Nokia are going to be hosting an event on September 5 but Verizon and Motorola couldn’t let them have all the fun so they’ve now scheduled their own event for 2:00 p.m. EST which takes place just a few hours after the aforementioned NokiaSoft event will take place. The invitation reads “Motorola. On Display.” at the top but there’s not any sort of hint about what Moto and Verizon will announce.

So what do you think the two companies have up their sleeve? My money’s on the very leaky DROID RAZR HD but seeing as the invitation mentions a display, a new tablet from Moto might not be too wild of a guess either. Hit us up with your best guesses in the comments below!


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