Motorola ICS Updates Contain Root Check

If your RAZR, RAZR MAXX, or DROID 4 has received the Ice Cream Sandwich update, you might be in for a nasty surprise. Motorola has included a new root check system in their software that goes beyond your ROM. It is build into the boot and recovery .img files. At the bottom of your recovery, you’ll see one of three things: “qe 0/0″ means you’ve never rooted your device, “qe 0/1″ means it has been rooted but currently is not, and “qe 1/1″ means you are currently rooted.

There is no reason for them to include this option besides voiding warranty. They’d want to see if you were rooted to decide whether or not to let you warranty replace your device. I mean, that’s what Samsung does with their triangle on boot, and what Google does with the padlock on boot when you unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy Nexus. Fortunately, both Samsung’s and Google’s methods are reversible: this one is currently not.

A dev called P3Droid says that there is no way to reset it currently, and he expects the Bionic to get the same “feature” in its upcoming update. No fun, Motorola/Verizon. Why would you do that?


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