[Updated] Motorola Seeks An Import Ban On Most Of Apple’s Products With The ITC

Apple is usually the one to throw around lawsuits and such with weighty penalties attached but today, Motorola Mobility is ready to fight back. The company was recently acquired by Google and now their first legal battle as a Google owned company is taking place. Coming out of Bloomberg, it’s now being reported that Motorola has filed an official complaint against Apple to the ITC or the International Trade Commission. According to Motorola, Apple has infringed on several different patents of their’s and Motorola is seeking an import ban on a whole lot of Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and several computers of Apple’s as well. Motorola’s official statement is this:

“We would like to settle these patent matters, but Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license leaves us little choice but to defend ourselves and our engineers’ innovations.”

We’re not exactly sure what patents are involved and things are still a bit murky but watch the site for anything more being outed in the coming days. What do you guys and gals think of this latest development?

Update: The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Motorola has stated that Apple has violated seven non-standard essential patents. Sounds harsh for Apple. Stay tuned as more information comes out!


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