New Possible Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bezel is leaked – 5.5 Inches


A few days ago, GSMArena received a supposedly leaked image of the new design for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The image itself showed heavy similarities between the Galaxy SIII and the new Note leading many to believe that Samsung’s design would be close to it’s massively popular smrtphone. After further inspection, signs began to show that image of the new Note may in fact be a simple a Photoshop job of a flipped and stretched version of the Galaxy SIII. As shown in the image below, the new leak shows the sensors are placed to the right (like the original Galaxy Note and new Galaxy SIII) as opposed to the left like the first image that was shown previously.

Now today, a new image has arrived claiming to be the actual Galaxy Note 2 bezel. If this happens to be a fake, it is a very good one at that. The hardware suggests a chunky, squared-off design for the second-generation phablet that rejects the Galaxy SIII’s more curvaceous body (and that of the original image). The ruler draped from corner-to-corner jibes with earlier rumors that it would have a slightly expanded 5.5-inch canvas versus the original’s 5.3 inches.

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