[UPDATE] New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 leak reveals possible final design

Over the past week, images have been circulating over what the final design will be for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Yet with all the hype leading up to eventual release of Samsung’s official pictures, no one has seen any convincing leaks other than a shot of the (potential) phone’s screen bezel that had surfaced earlier in the week.

What’s most interesting is that the bezel looks to be even more legit, with the bezel fully in tact in the latest image to appear. The picture itself is blurry, as it’s a picture of a rendered design, that shows the handset with the style and elegance of the recently released Galaxy SIII.

When referencing the bezel image leaked a few days ago – you can notice a slight curve to the casing that would surround the phone’s screen. That same curve is visibly noticable in the render as well. Also present is a single home button likely to be flanked by two capacitive buttons much like the Galaxy SIII. Please keep in mind of course, this could all end up being an elaborate fake that was designed after images of the screen bezel surfaced. The only way to know for sure, what the Note 2 will end up looking like, will be waiting until Samsung’s official announcement at IFA. DroidDog will continue to keep you updated as additional news (or leaks) become available.

Update: These images appear to be fake. A fan artist named Daniel UY posted this design on Twitter yesterday, except his design was simply his own mockup, nothing related to Samsung. Today he posted the full size image of his mockup of the Note 2, so you can compare them.


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