New Xperia Accessories Leak, Show Sony’s Legendary Design

A trio of leaked photos have surfaced, allegedly showing off new accessories for Sony’s upcoming Xperia tablet. The first image displays a new keyboard case, visibly similar to Microsoft’s Surface keyboard. In addition, the manufacturer is preparing a stand for the device that allows users to operate the tablet in both landscape and portrait mode, as well as a media docking station with a remote control.

While these accessories may increase functionality, Sony needs to provide a solid reason to buy the tablet in the first place. Unless the tablet is priced to compete, the company will struggle to sell many. With 7-inch offerings from ASUS already racking up massive sales numbers, it will take more than a few high-priced accessories to convince consumers to buy Sony’s tablet.

We’re expected to hear more about Sony’s new hardware at IFA 2012 next week. So, stay tuned for the latest coverage.


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