Nexus 7 Laptop Replacement Challenge Update

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I began the Nexus 7 laptop replacement challenge. And since my last update, it’s been relatively quiet. I’ve found myself actually not struggling for much. Most of what I have needed to do in my last couple days of summer, including write these articles, has been easily completed on this tablet.

To start, the Nexus 7 is significantly more portable than any laptop or even other tablets. I used to have an Acer Iconia Tab A500 before this. Although it was better than carrying a laptop to class, after carrying this thing around for awhile, it is like night and day. In fact, I can keep the 7 in the same pocket with my Galaxy Nexus. If that’s not being connected, I don’t know what is.

Although I haven’t struggled much other than the complications in my previous posts, I have come to foresee some problems that I would face when the school year starts back up. By that I mean, starting today. I already know that some applications that I will need, such as some very expensive script-writing software. Yes, I could write scripts from my phone but the formatting and everything is substantially more difficult on a tablet then with software specifically programmed to do it.

Also, a big one for me will involve editing. Video editing is a big part of my college career. Movie Maker will not cut it by any stretch of the imagination. Programs like Final Cut Pro and Avid are much more functional than any sort of mobile app, at least for now.

The college semester starts back up today and the 7 will get all it’s testing in class. I feel this will be the closest thing to a laptop I can get that’s a good combination of portability and functionality.

Also, one other thing I didn’t make clear in the last post: rooting. Although I appreciate all the comments instructing me on how to root the 7, I was actually trying to root my friend’s One X. I still haven’t figured it out with this thing. Thanks just the same though, guys!

Keep it posted as the challenge wraps up in the next few days. Any questions for me?

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