Nova Launcher Begins Public Beta Test With New Jelly Bean Base

One of the more popular launchers for Android 4.0+ is Nova Launcher which is based off of a stock Android launcher. This time, it brings in the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean base to make it better than ever. Some of the highlights include:

  • Merge jellybean launcher
  • * Automatic desktop rearrangement
  • * Automatic widget resize
  • * Fling to delete
  • * Smoother
  • * More
  • Import settings from other launchers (Stock, Samsung, HTC, Moto, Trebuchet, Apex)
  • Custom Drawer grid size
  • Add Info/Uninstall to quick menu, better centering and scrolling
  • Update JB Icon Theme for Moto ICS
  • Fix FCs

To get access to the beta, head into the settings of Nova Launcher, scrolling to the very bottom and clicking Nova Launcher 1.2.2 (Check for Updates), then hitting the menu next to the changelog, pressing beta, and then updating it. Before you start complaining about all sorts of problems, keep it in the front of your mind that this is beta software as of now and is probably unstable. If you’re okay with that then head into Nova Launcher’s settings and get updating!

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