OUYA Team partners With NAMCO BANDAI, Bring Four Controller Support

Right before the very end of the Kickstarter, the OUYA team brings more news. This time, they’ve partnered with NAMCO BANDAI for a wide array of classic games. This means we will probably see games like Pac-Man on the OUYA, and hopefully other titles like Galaxian. Honestly, old game support is a big part of a console.

They’ve also announced four controller support, something I didn’t think was not possible before. It’s pretty necessary on modern consoles, so I’m glad they threw that in. Always good to have these extras.

Last piece of news is that they’ve partnered with Plex. Yes, they’ve already partnered with XBMC, but they want to give a choice of media streaming software, so you’re not just stuck with one.

I doubt there will be any more announcements, as the Kickstarter is ending very soon. So this is probably the end of new features. Now that you know what OUYA is capable of at launch, what do you think? Are you skeptical, or is your wallet in your hand right now? Tell us in the comments!


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