Pantech Flex Teased, Heading To AT&T With 4G LTE “In The Coming Months”

A new smartphone for AT&T has been teased by Pantech and it’s known as the Pantech Flex. Unfortunately, Pantech wouldn’t reveal anything more except that it’s headed to AT&T “in the coming months” with 4G LTE. There’s no word about anything else like what kind of phone it is or what version of Android it runs.

Judging by the most recent offerings by Pantech, it seems that they’re trying to establish a name themselves in the mid-range class by making phones with fairly high-end specs at a low price. Things like the Marauder and the Burst are good examples of their strategy. We don’t know whether the Flex will be another phone following that pattern or whether it will be something else but keep an eye on the site for more information as we get it.


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