Pantech Magnus Photos Leaked

We reported on the Pantech P9090 earlier, better known as the Pantech Magnus. It still isn’t official, but now we have a photo of it. We earlier found out it would sport an HD 720p display, LTE, and a Snapdragon S4 processor. This confirms it will have an 8 MP camera with flash, a front facing camera, and Ice Cream Sandwich at the least. It could even be Jelly Bean.

This would be Pantech’s first high end phone, and it looks to be a good one too. Specs are great, design is solid (it isn’t the prettiest girl in the AT&T store, but she’s got a nice behind), I don’t see how it could be a disappointment. We also have enough experience with Pantech’s UI to know it isn’t too intrusive, though a build of CM10 would be nice.

This phone will be coming to AT&T, though no one knows when. Now we wait until AT&T announces is. Stay tuned for more info!


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