PlayStation Mobile Support Granted To ASUS And Wikipad

With Sony’s Gamescom 2012 press conference happening in Germany right now, there were bound to be some good announcements to come out of it. Sony announced today that both ASUS and Wikipad would be gaining PlayStation Mobile support which is what was formerly called PlayStation Certification. This means that devices from either one of the manufacturers will receive access to Sony’s PlayStation library of games. If you don’t know who Wikipad is then just know that they created a Tegra 3 tablet with a built in gamepad controller for it. As for ASUS, they’ll most likely receive support for any of their tablets running on Tegra 3 which includes the Nexus 7. Maybe some of their Tegra 2 tablets will even receive support. Either way, it’s a big win for both companies and also for consumers who will now have access to both the NVIDIA Tegra Zone and the PlayStation Library. Raise your hand if you own a tablet from ASUS or WikiPad that you think will receive support.

Android Central, Sony

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