Plume Updated With Facebook Picture Sharing And UI Improvements

Plume, arguably the best Twitter client for Android (my personal favorite), has been updated with some pretty big changes. First of all is a revamped UI. The first “Home” column is no longer there, replaced by a new slide out page opened by clicking the arrow at the top left. To teach new users how to do this, on the first start there is an amazing little bounce animation showing that it’s there, then the arrow starts blinking to show you that you have to press it. Absolutely incredible UI design, and even for a big Plume fan with high expectations, I’m very impressed.

It also received a better UI for 7″ tablets like the Nexus 7, so that should make a lot of people (including our own Joey Lehto) happy. The Nexus 7 really needed a nice tablet UI Twitter app, and until now there hasn’t been anything amazing (on that note, Plume is the only Twitter app I could find with a good 10.1″ UI).

If you ever back out of the new tweet screen, your progress will no longer be lost. Plume has automatic drafting, so backing out isn’t a loss of 140 precious characters. On top of that, it will now upload photos to Facebook. If you add your Facebook account and attach a photo, it will remove the link from the Facebook post and natively upload it. That’s a feature I’ve been waiting for.

Overall, Plume was one of the best Twitter clients for Android and it just got a LOT better. If you haven’t tried it, do so. It’s fantastic. Hit the source link to install it for free!

Play Store: Plume | Android Central

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