PSA: Temporary Found To Brick Galaxy Note Too

It looks like they’ve found another thing that could be triggering the infamous eMMC brick bug. Apparently temporary contains the code necessary to cause a brick. These temporary zips are used to root the Note, when there is no custom kernel present. They should not be used for any reason, they can brick your phone.

The recoveries in most custom kernels have been made safe, but this is not true for the temporary recoveries. So if you have one on your phone, immediately get rid of it. There are guides on how to root your phone without using them, in a safe way. The source link thread can explain how to render your Note safe from the brick bug, by using a custom kernel missing the flag that triggers the eMMC bug.

Also know that Samsung is working on the situation. Not only have they been working on safe firmwares for all affected devices, they have reached out to developers to make sure all devs are using safe software. They have actually been working hard, which is good to hear.

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