Root Explorer Receives A Nice Update With Holo Theme And Bug Fixes

One of the older standard root applications is Root Explorer and today we finally saw a good update for the app. This update brought a new Holo design theme with it and fixed crashes on Android 4.1 and the Verizon model of the Samsung Galaxy S III. It also allows you to create shortcuts for files and folders along with some other things. Here’s the full rundown:

  • Added Create Shortcut option for files and folders.
  • Make Root Explorer available to process downloaded or received archive, text and database files.
  • Allow device files to be listed.
  • Use Holographic theme on dialogs for ICS/Jelly Bean.
  • Fixed Verizon Galaxy S3 startup freeze issue.
  • Stop suggestions appearing when entering file/folder names.
  • Added Whats New dialog.
  • Improved Italian translation.
  • Improved Korean translation.
  • Fixed properties layout issue for Korean language.
  • Various other bug fixes

Looks like a nice update for the crowd who still use Root Explorer. Do you still use Root Explorer or have you moved onto a different root file manager?

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