[Root] Possible Fix For Transformer Prime I/O Bottleneck

One of the biggest problems, if not the biggest, with the ASUS Transformer Prime is that when the device is writing to its internal memory, all other tasks slow to a halt. When updating apps, for instance, the tablet becomes nigh unusable. Tasks freeze constantly and it just becomes a slow mess. However, there is hope.

This hope comes with a price though, the price being a nice microSD. A dev named TweakerL has discovered a way to speed up I/O on the tablet, but it means transferring the /data partition to the external microSD. Here is his statement:

“So, the whole idea here started with me reading an article on how part of the whole I/O problem with the transformer is partially caused by the hardware used as internal storage. I wanted to find out if this had any merit and I figured the best way to do it would be to “replace” the internal storage. I did this by mounting the /data partition to the exteral SD (which according to my research, my specific SD Card is better at writing speeds – allegedly the main problem with the transformer’s internal storage hardware wise). Then I ran a bunch of benchmarks and have been running it that way for about 24 hours and so far it feels great. Anyone is welcome to give it a try, and hopefully with help, suggestions and feedback from the community, we can all take as much advantage of this idea as possible.”

While moving the /data partition helps a lot from what he’s experienced, there are more tests to be done. It is also possible to move the /cache partition to the external memory. It’s all in a bright future for the Transformer Prime. If you would want to do it, TweakerL provides full instructions on integrating this into kernels and even cloning /data between the internal and external storage. Remember, this is a dangerous procedure requiring root, so proceed at your own risk. DroidDog is not responsible for any possible damages to your device. Hit the source link for more info.

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