Rumor: T-Mobile Could Be Cancelling The Galaxy Note

After a series of fishy events in the past 24 hours where the T-Mobile Galaxy Note was mysteriously disappearing from websites and being placed on backorder, a new rumor from Android Police claims that T-Mobile is indeed killing the Galaxy Note. A “very reliable industry source” told them that T-Mobile is giving the Galaxy Note EOL (End Of Life) status that will completely take effect around November 1 or whenever the remaining stock is sold off.

This news is surprising but not nearly as much as the fact that T-Mobile thought that they could launch the original Galaxy Note nearly a year after its release. And that’s with a Galaxy Note 2 launch at IFA on the horizon. If this is true, then it seems that someone used common sense and decided to snuff out the life of the T-Mobile Galaxy Note as soon as possible. What are your opinions on this latest development?

Android Police

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