Samsung Announces It Will Release Its First Google TV By The End Of The Year

It wasn’t a part of Samsung’s IFA 2012 press conference, but Samsung is showing off Google TV hardware for the first time since CES 2011. Samsung has announced they will introduce a Smart TV with Google TV capabilities by the end of this year. According to its press release and a blog post by the Google TV team, it will “enhance the Smart TV experience” with premium content from Samsung’s Apps services.

While Samsung hasn’t been particularly hasty with jumping into the Google TV market, it is great that they finally jumping in. Better now than never. Samsung has said it will utilize Smart Hub as the central user interface for accessing television apps and services. Samsung was reportedly recorded saying Google TV and Apple TV were going to take a backseat to Smart TV, but it looks like they’ve had a change of heart since then. Perhaps their most recent loss in the Apple vs. Samsung case has changed their stance.

While Google TV hasn’t taken off like originally hoped, another major player like Samsung alongside the likes of Sony, Vizio, and LG will hopefully spur some growth. What are your thoughts on Google TV and Samsung’s involvment now?

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