Samsung Announces New Colors for Galaxy SIII – Amber Brown, Sapphire Black, and More

When it release the Galaxy SIII, Samsung made the decision to promote that the phone was inspired by nature. Samsung even went as far as to even call the UI the “TouchWiz Nature UX.” Over the past few weeks, however, details have begun to leak on new color variations of Samsung’s flagship device. These new colors are as the company stated similarly “inspired by nature.”

On Samsung Tomorrow, the Korean company’s blog highlights four alternate colors, which only three of them are brand-new — as the Garnet Red model has been available as an AT&T exclusive for the last month or so. The new options include Amber Brown (which has been said to compare to the original Zune’s somewhat-controversial brown color), Sapphire Black (last seen as a leak on T-Mobile’s site), and Titanium Grey. Unfortunately, the blog does not make it clear when and where these colors will be available — it simply states that availability will depend on carrier and region. While Samsung’s blog may be a bit over-the-top in the language it uses to describe these new models, they do look pretty striking — we’re hoping to see them as widely available as possible. DroidDog will continue to keep you updated.

Samsung Tomorrow via The Verge


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