Samsung, Despite Patent Infringement case with Apple, Invests $4 billion towards Apple iPhone and iPad chip production

With Apple and Samsung publicly attacking one another and in serious legal litigation, consumers tend to forget that both companies are key partners in their respective business strategies. Most recently, Samsung has opened a plant in Austin, Texas that is responsible for manufacturing the A5X CPU for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It comes as no surprise, that Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5 and most likely an iPad Mini next month. This investment only further legitimizes that an announcement is near. Samsung”s investment will go to improving and increasing production of their Austin plant. This is speculated to be in preparation for Apple’s new models.

Considering this amount is on top of the original $3.6 billion investment by Samsung (to get the plant opened) and you get that Samsung is ready to make this a priority for their business.

It truly is amazing that 2 companies that have made such harsh claims of one another, are still  able to maintain such a great business partnership. However at the end of the day, if both companies are going to make substantial amounts of money off a new Apple platform, this speaks less to their professionalism and more to profit margins. As noted yesterday, the jury has begun deliberating on what is easily one of the biggest cases in tech history.



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