Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Previewed, Won’t Be Confused With iPad

Say hello the quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, complete with S-Pen stylus coming later this month. The folks at Mobile-Review in Russia are among the first to get their hands on Samsung’s newest 10.1″ tablet and put a free preview online for all to enjoy.

You can lose any imagery that might have you thinking this newly retooled Galaxy Note will look like an iPad, because it looks like anything but. The tablet introduces a camera and light sensor on the front of the device, along with two stereo speakers on either side, a drastically different look from Apple. Samsung also moved away from the traditional placement of the power button on the side of tablets, moving it to the top, where it’s said to be more comfortable to reach.

The screen appears to be the only negative when compared to the new iPad, as the Note 10.1 features a Gorilla Glass display with a resolution of — 1280 x 800 pixels. That’s similar to the Galaxy S III, though the screen does stay on for as long as you look at it, just like the Galaxy S III.

There are said to be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variations with 3G and/or Wi-Fi only models.

Now we wait for August 15th and the full US preview.

Hit the Mobile-Review link below for a full preview along with a ton of images.

PhoneArena via Mobile-Review

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