Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Receiving ICS In The UK With It’s Big Bro 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus was a bit of an overlooked gem, being cheap and speedy and having a great feel in the hand. I had the pleasure of using one for a while, and the form factor and build were definitely great. Well for those of you who still have one int he UK, it’s getting the update to Ice Cream Sandwich via Samsung Kies desktop software.

If you don’t know what the ICS update entails, expect performance improvements along with a UX overhaul (masked by the TouchWiz overlay). Stuff like the multitasking menu and settings will be prettier and more functional. Also, Samsung has redesigned their TouchWiz UX a bit for Ice Cream Sandwich too, so be excited for a pretty radical new software version! So if you live in the UK, go check for updates in Kies. And for us American folk with Tab 7.0 Pluses and 10.1′s, we will have to wait a little while longer.

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