Samsung May Have Just Dropped The First Hint At A Galaxy Note-Like Device On Verizon

Many were upset that the Samsung Galaxy Note only ever made it to T-Mobile and AT&T in the US and a Samsung supporter took to Facebook to complain about it. Strangely enough though, instead of just ignoring the post altogether or saying that there’s no plans to bring a Galaxy Note device to his preferred carrier (Verizon), Samsung told him that there was information to “announce just yet” and that he should check back when there’s more info. We honestly can’t tell if this was just bad wording on Samsung’s part or if they really are implying that a Note device is coming to Verizon. With the imminent rumors of a Note II at IFA, this can’t help but look suspicious. How many of you guys would snag a Galaxy Note II on Verizon if you got the chance?

Droid Life, Facebook

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