Samsung Opens Copycat Apple Store in Sydney?


If you take a quick look at the picture above, you might mistake the man standing in front of you as an Apple employee.  Let the image sink in for a minute and you realize it’s actually a Samsung associate.  Samsung has gone ahead and opened a flagship store that’s all too familiar to Sydney’s Apple store that happens to be just one block away.  Launching it’s grand opening this morning at 8am, the store began selling its new tablet computer, the Galaxy Note 10.1. for $589.  According to sources, this is not the first time Samsung has encroached on this particular store.  “Samsung previously ambushed Apple’s iPhone 4S launch by offering $2 smart phones in a temporary shop just metres away form the Apple George Street store, but now its presence is more permanent”.

While Samsung’s Vice President of telecommunications, Tyler McGee, insists that the look of the store was all their own and Apple “didn’t even come into the equation when we were looking for a location [for the store]” one can’t help but think their actions are a little suspect.  With the ongoing drama of patent lawsuits, was this really a great move for their case?