Samsung Reporting That Work On The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Began Before The iPad Was Even Announced

The Samsung and Apple court wars continue today with Samsung having their industrial design leader, Jin Soo Kim, come forward and testify that Samsung had already started designing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in October 2009 which was three months before the announcement of the Apple iPad. Kim was later blatantly asked whether or not he had ever copied Apple on any of their phone or tablet designs and he responded, “I have not.” This latest testimony seems to show that Samsung did not copy Apple’s idea of the iPad. Samsung’s lawyers also talked and showed a video and further defended that they were already designing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 before the iPad was announced.

The fact that Samsung changed the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be slimmer and lighter was brought up but Samsung was also able to defend that. They said that the slimmer design was being worked upon before Apple ever announced the iPad 2 and that they changed it because they didn’t feel that they had enough competitive advantage against others, not because of the thinness of the iPad 2.

This sounds like a pretty convincing argument from Samsung and here’s to hoping that Apple doesn’t win and gain injunctions on all of the devices contained in the dispute. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be too great if Samsung won either as it would be bad for the consumer market that loves Apple products. The best thing for everybody would be if Sammy and Apple just dropped the whole dispute and went their separate ways. Or at least they both paid some sort of small monetary amount to each other to settle it. But knowing these two tech giants, neither of those options will ever come true.


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